Wiztree | Analyse disk space with fastest disk space analyser

Run scans for entire hard drive and know about the items occupying higher space on the Windows PC. Wiztree disk space analyser is fastest one for quick drive scans that refers to Master File Table (MFT).

On analysing drive completely, you can clean up PC. By saving the graphical interpretation of disk storage, you can later on compare drive storage.

Install Wiztree

  1. Download Wiztree easily on your PC, through its official website. Click on the given ‘Download’ button.
  2. This will download a ‘setup_exe’ file on your PC.
  3. Now, you double-click the file, installer launches.
  4. Click ‘Yes’ to A dialog box ask you to make changes.
  5. Now, choose the language to proceed for installation.
  6. Go with ‘I accept the agreement’, and click ‘Next’.
  7. Choose the destination folder on the installation wizard.
  8. Now, select ‘Start Menu folder’ and choose the additional tasks- ‘Create a desktop shortcut’, ‘Create a Quick Launch shortcut’.
  9. Hit the ‘Install’ button, on the setup window .
  10. Eventually, complete the setup process, tap ‘Finish’.

Why to install Wiztree?

here are several reasons that may insist you to get Wiztree, on your PC-

  • Clean UP disk space- Free up hard drive space by removing “Space hogs” effectively. Instantly locate the larger files and folders to remove these.
  • Secure precious time- Wiztree presents scan results within a matter of few seconds. Thus, saving your a lot of time that otherwise would have spent to refer data stored.
  • Efficient scans- Quick and faster scans for analysing storage on your PC in a better way. V file
  • Absolutey Free- For personal use it offers free access and support to its users.
  • Reliable interface – The most important thing is that hard linked files are tackled correctly. It reports the actual space as shown by Window’s disk.
  • Faster Results – It reads Master File Table, accessing it from your PC’s disk, to scan NTFS formatted drives. In addition to these, non NTFS and network drives are scanned so quickly.
  • Updates its features – Regular updates keep it active that holds better efficiency in results.
  • Search file with Advanced features- There are several advanced search options and commands to search for files. This includes commands like ‘Wildcards’, ‘AND/OR’, and other to find using file name length and path length.

Are there any different versions for Wiztree?

Yes, Wiztree has mainly three products based on the disk space size. It can be downloaded for personal use or to handle large data of organisations. These are – Free version, Supporter and Enterprise license version. Take a look into the 3 versions-

Free version

It is available for free and helps you sort out data and scans Network drives. Treemap provides you to interpret disk better and export the CSV File.

Supporter Version

Like the free version, the Supporter version offers all the features of Network drive scans, depicts data through Treemap, quick scans, use commercially, and many more.
If you run an organisation, with up to 100 employees, this is best version to ease disk space arrangement tasks. To find for files with largest volume occupied, go for File View/Search option. Besides, it gives support based on priority of files.

Enterprise license version

This Wiztree version is for very huge organisations. With large number of people in the organisation, it facilitates quick hard drive scans.
Through Tree view, you can visualise whole disk storage. Search for largest file, import data file into other formats and summarize file. Besides, it supports Network drives too.

How to update Wiztree?

Easily update your Wiztree version that gives you all new features. On its official page, get the download Update button. Thereafter, it launches an installer. In case, if you’ve been using its portable version then you must get its zip file. Then, unzip it over other files. You can now launch this utility on your PC.